1602 is a Copenhagen based exotic luxury goods label, founded by sisters Fillipa and Pia Lorenzen. A symbol of feminine modernity, 1602 combines the exemplary principles of Scandinavian design with the captivating beauty of exotic leathers to make for a classic yet international look. Handmade with the finest craftsmanship, each piece is created to meet the needs of an empowered woman. Accompanying her from day to night with effortless versatility of striking sculptural forms and exquisite details.


Born from a vision of creating prized products that transcend through generations there is an insistence on quality and design. The process starts with the hand selection of the best exotic leathers. Each skin is chosen individually to fit the structure and shape of the design to deliver perfect symmetry. Handcrafted, every 1602 piece is the result of the sophisticated skill of artisans who have specialized in leather for generations. Finally, each piece is adorned with fine Italian hardware and the mark of 1602.


To produce the highest quality pieces, 1602 sources only the very best raw materials. Working with complete transparency from suppliers, to be assured all the regulations set out to protect the species are met. All 1602 products come with CITES certifications. 1602 is further committed to developing best practice industry standards and benchmarks, and to improve the long-term sustainability of the industry, by working with manufacturers who also collaborate with the ELSA organization. That’s why anything with a 1602 label is an emblem of refined quality and unquestionable ethics.

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