1602 is a Copenhagen based exotic luxury goods label, founded by sisters Fillipa and Pia Lorenzen. A symbol of feminine modernity, 1602 combines the exemplary principles of Scandinavian design with the captivating beauty of exotic leathers to make for a classic yet international look. Handmade with the finest craftsmanship, each piece is created to meet the needs of an empowered woman. Accompanying her from day to night with effortless versatility of striking sculptural forms and exquisite details.


Born from a vision of creating prized products that transcend through generations there is an insistence on quality and design. The process starts with the hand selection of the best exotic leathers. Each skin is chosen individually to fit the structure and shape of the design to deliver perfect symmetry. Handcrafted, every 1602 piece is the result of the sophisticated skill of artisans who have specialized in leather for generations. Finally, each piece is adorned with fine Italian hardware and the mark of 1602.


We are proud to be part of an industry that creates some of the most stunning accessories, but it comes with great responsibility. 1602 was created with a strong belief in sustainability, which permeates all company values. It’s a conscious decision to source and produce solely in South Africa, as it’s leading the mission towards making the exotic skin industry sustainable. Together with our suppliers, we are committed to working with the South African government and the ELSA organization (Exotic Leather South Africa) to secure long-term sustainability for all parties involved. We do this by setting high industry standards and benchmarks.

1602 accessories are high-end luxury products, and thus not mass produced. All products are CITES certified, which means they are authorized through a licensing system that ensures that international trade in specimens of wild animals does not threaten their survival.

Our uncompromised quality and craftsmanship ensure the longevity of all products. From both a quality and design perspective, 1602 products are a gift for the next generation.

We do not believe in seasons or producing multiple collections a year, but in timeless classics that keep on giving.

To ensure sustainability and high ethical standards of the exotic skin industry, 1602 uses only materials sourced from ELSA farms. Together with other global organizations, ELSA also works with farms around the world to sustain the wildlife population of crocodile species. Increasing chances of survival in the wild, farm-bred eggs of endangered species and 2 to 4- year-old crocodiles are released back into the wild.

We employ locals, men and women equally, and teach them the skills necessary to become artisans who master the craftsmanship of making luxury accessories.

To reduce waste, meat from crocodile and ostrich is sold to restaurants and supermarkets.

Using only A-class skin is an active choice of ours. This is only possible through securing a comfortable, stress-free environment for the animals, which guarantees high animal welfare standards.

It is our aim to become 100% traceable by the end of 2020.

Our sustainability journey continues…

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